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SOA - Suite SOA
(Service-Oriented Architecture) With SOA is possible to create, standardize and document services to be used by different applications in a reusable and fully interoperable way. Thus, they can be shared and accessed by different devices in the form of service, without being rewritten. Main benefits: It models and manages processes and flows - Integrates several services from different media in a centralized location - Reduces costs with development and maintenance of applications - Maturity and optimization in the software environment - Agility in delivering and updating the program.

The following are some of the types of Oracle BPEL services that Somma IT provides:   BPEL Architecture | SOA/BPEL Infrastructure and Configuration | BPEL Adaptors and Service-Enablement | BPEL Process Design and Modeling | BPEL Development and Programming | Business-to-Business BPEL | Oracle BPEL Process Manager Installation | Administer BPEL processes | Incorporate email, fax, pager, and voice notifications within BPEL processes | Extend BPEL Processes with Human Workflow Management | Extend Oracle BPEL Web Administration | Extend Oracle BPEL Worklist | BPEL Training and Mentoring | Customer / supplier Extranets | E-CommerceBanking / Telco / Healthcare Sites | CRM / User Acct. Mgmt. | Product Catalogs | PersonalizationMulti-channel Access | Rich Internet Applications | Content Integration | Enterprise portals | Dept. / Workgroup portals | Employee Intranets | Knowledge Management | Social networks/blogs / wikis / | Search/taggingCommunities/ Discussions/Shared Workspaces | NET/SharePoint integration | Content Integration

BPM Suite
BPM Suite is at the top of Oracle SOA Suite to provide an integrated solution for modeling, development, execution, management and collaboration in business processes. The critical component for a BPM solution is the integration between the human being and the technical components of a business process.

The following are some unique components for BPM Suite 11g on which Somma IT has specific experience: BPM StudioBusiness Process Composer | BPM WorkSpace | BPM Process Spaces | Process Analytics | Guided Business Processes. The following are some support BPM components on which Somma IT has specific experience: BPA Suite | WebCenter Content | Human Workflow | BPMN 2.0 and BPELJ | Developer and ADFSOA Suite

WebCenter Content
Our consultants work with the development and management of Websites and Content. With the Webcenter Content tool, we can manage websites and their content for different sources of your website and application with a single front end.

The following are some of the consulting services that Somma IT provides for Oracle WebCenter Content product: Portal installation and configuration | Develop Portal design and architecture | Initial load of users and content | Directory integration and synchronization | Automated content loading and synchronization | Migration of objects between environments | System Planning & Architecture | Design & Customization | Installation & Integration | Custom Application Integration |

As a specific qualification, our specialists have the following knowledge: SSO - Single Sign-OnOID | Windows Native Authentication (WNA) | Custom Portlet DevelopmentIntegration with Oracle Tools (Forms, Reports, Discoverer, etc.) | L/SQL API Programming | J2EE API Programming | Architectural Strategy (Network, Database, Reporting, Applications, etc.) | Portal Site Design | Best Practices | Content Management Event Framework (CMEF)

Exclusive components for BPM Suite 11g, in which Somma-IT has specific knowledge: BPM StudioBusiness Process Composer | BPM WorkSpace | BPM Process Spaces | Process Analytics | Guided Business Processes |

Some BPM support components used by Somma-IT: BPA Suite | WebCenter Content | Human Workflow | BPMN 2.0 and BPEL | JDeveloper and ADF